All participants of Maninso


Unknown / 1875 (12th year of Gojong’s) / Manuscript / 27.5x16.2
A diary that records the process and the process of raising the cow that calls for Daewongun's military service


Unknown | 1855 (6th year of Cheoljong’s rule) | Manuscript | 30.5x19.5
Yihwi disease was Dorsoduro >Maninso to Reinstate the Status of Crown Prince Sado as a King< Books recording the process of increasing the appeal of the right jeonmal


Unknown | 1853 (4th year of Cheoljong’s rule) | Manuscript | 32.0x19.8
In April 1853, the 1,950 people, including Gyeongsangbuk-do, Kim Jo-woon and Kim Kyeong-suk, lived to appeal to Daesan Daesan, Lee Sang-jung, and Lee Ji-jin to write down their poems. The contents of the appeal are usually shown on the right.
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